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The Chief Judge has announced the following Magistrate assignments:

Effective June 30, 2022
Magistrate Thomas Baker
Main Courthouse
Divisional Caseload: All DOR cases
Hearing Room 6G
Assistant, Nicole Karlecke: 561-355-4200

Magistrate Judette Fanelli
North County Courthouse
Divisional Caseload: All Post-judgment matters in Division FH and odd case numbers in
Division FJ; Mental Health (Marchman/Baker Acts)
Hearing Room 1418
Assistant, Cathy Solis: 561-624-6681

Effective July 11, 2022
Magistrate Ilana Marcus
Main Courthouse
Divisional Caseload: All non-DOR post-judgment matters in Division FD and even case
numbers in FC
Hearing Room 6I
Assistant, Felicia McCurdy: 561-355-3379