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The Chief Judge has announced the March Trial Schedule. The number of jurors being called in to serve has been reduced.  The dates and divisions holding the trials are as follows:

March 1-March 31, 2021:

  • Mondays are reserved for Circuit Criminal trials
  • Tuesdays are reserved for County Court trials (all case types)
  • Wednesdays are reserved for Circuit Civil trials
  • Thursdays are reserved for Circuit Criminal trials
  • Fridays are reserved for special panels. These panels will be for one trial and one judge.

Pre voir dire will take place in the jury assembly room which has a seating capacity of 70 based on social distancing guidelines.  The pre voir dire eliminates individuals who cannot speak the language, have COVID anxiety, or other unavoidable scheduling issues.

The Clerk’s office will continue to question prospective jurors outside of the building regarding the COVID questions before they enter the jury assembly room.

Trial dates scheduled for the remainder of the month and for February are listed on the 15th Circuit Courts website at