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The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County is pleased to announce the formation of its Encore Attorney Initiative whereby retired attorneys are invited to handle in-house cases on behalf of Legal Aid. This endeavor is made possible by the generosity and foresight of the Florida Bar Foundation, which recognizes that members of the bar can continue to make meaningful legal contributions to the community far beyond when they decide to end their private practices.

All volunteer attorneys will be fully covered by Legal Aid’s liability insurance and Legal Aid will provide office space and supplies.    Cases will be civil in nature, as opposed to criminal, but can include advocacy in the areas of: Elder Law, Family Law, access to health care, fair housing rights, Consumer Law, wage dispute resolution, immigrant rights, guardianship matters, domestic violence mitigation, the provision of services in the public school system, and legal assistance to at-risk juveniles.

Participants in the Encore Attorney Initiative will receive recognition at the premier social event for the legal community in Palm Beach County – Legal Aid’s annual Pro Bono Recognition Gala – not to mention the satisfaction of knowing they have made a positive difference in the lives of many to whom life has not been kind. For information on how to become part of the Encore Attorney Initiative, please call: 561-822-9776.