If you’d like to make a referral of either an attorney or a staff person to the Professionalism Panel, please fill out this form and send it to the Local Panel Professionalism Chair, Alexcia Cox at AlexciaCox.LPPChair@gmail.com.

Please read these instructions carefully before completing the referral form. If the form is not properly completed, it may be returned for correction or rejected.

Purpose: The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Professionalism Panel was established by Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Administrative Order 2.105-6/13 pursuant to directive of the Supreme Court of Florida issued on June 6, 2013 (Case No. SC13-688). Its purpose is to meet with attorneys who have conducted themselves in a manner inconsistent with The Florida Bar Professionalism Expectations or the Palm Beach County Bar Association Standards of Professional Courtesy and Civility to discuss their conduct and counsel them to avoid such conduct in the future.1

The Panel has no authority to discipline attorneys or to compel an attorney to appear before it. Likewise, neither the Panel nor the Palm Beach County Bar Association can intervene on your behalf in a civil or criminal case or give you legal advice.

Completion of Form: Please submit no more than ten pages, including the referral form and attachments. Do not include this instruction page. You may indicate that additional evidence or exhibits are available upon request. Please type or print legibly, using only black typeface or ink.

Conduct in Question: Describe in detail the conduct about which you are complaining, supplying dates where possible. Please be aware that simply alleging conclusions unsupported by facts may result in the rejection of your request or a delay in its disposition. Signature: You must sign the form where indicated. Unsigned forms will be returned for signature.

Submission of Form: Please e-mail your completed form and accompanying pages to Local Panel Professionalism Chair, Alexcia Cox at AlexciaCox.LPPChair@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest in promoting the professionalism of attorneys in this circuit.

2023 – 2024 Professionalism Committee Co-Chairs

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