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The reorganization of the Probate/Guardianship Divisions will commence on July 5. The following is a summary of the reorganization plan:

  •  A new Probate/Guardianship Division – Division IA – will be created.
  • Judge Johnson, in the Main Courthouse, will be assigned to Divisions IA, IH, II, IJ, IB, and ID. Overtime, Divisions IH, II, IJ, IB and ID will be closed and those cases will be reassigned to IA.
  • Judge Burton, in South County, will be assigned Divisions IC, IY, IX, and IZ. Overtime, Divisions IC, IY and IX will be closed and those cases will be reassigned to Division IZ.
  • The reassignment of cases to Divisions IA and IZ will not be immediate. A phased approach will be implemented.
  • If you have a case in a Division other than IA or IZ, you will still be able to schedule hearings in your assigned Division through OLS. If your case is already set for a hearing, it will be scheduled for the same date and time in the new division, unless you receive a notice rescheduling the hearing. Please verify the ZOOM link for any scheduled hearing by reviewing the Divisional website. Once your case is reassigned, OLS scheduling will be through either Division IA or Division IZ.
  • Please wait until after July 5th to contact the new probate divisions.

Continue to monitor the Circuit website, and individual Divisional Instructions, for additional information. If you have urgent questions, you may e-mail: